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One of the beautiful things about living in India is that we take our celebrations seriously. Except for one thing: when special occasions are about fun, why is gifting so awkward?

Have you ever unwrapped gift after gift after gift and wondered whether your guests think you’re setting up a home or a clock museum, found yourself with dozens of ubiquitous vases and mugs, or tried to recall why an item looked oddly familiar? Have you ever been faced with quandaries about whether money is an impersonal present, or if the bride and groom are superstitious about colours, or whether or not a 24-piece knife set is a tasteful gift or a tacky one?

If so, Zibonga’s unique gift partner and cash fund registry platform is perfect for you. We let you take the guesswork and obligation – and most of all, the disappointment and wasted expenditure – out of it. We make the tradition of gifting meaningful again.