Sharanya and Vijay Wedding Gift Registry Success

“Zibonga was easy to use for both our friends and family and the option to redeem our contributions as cash gave us the flexibility we needed for our happily ever after”

When the Baker met the Biker:

Some people have love at first sight while others have a more gradual build up to love. Sharanya and Vijay are a testament to the latter.  Here’s a super couple who were best friends for close to 4 years before realizing that they were perfect for each other!  Sharanya , a baker and Vijay an avid biker met through a food group and their journey began from there. Over time they realized that their mutual interests in food, travel and biking made them the perfect match!

The couple set up their registry with a very candid request to guests to gift them through Zibonga.

Zibonga designed a Save the Date invitation for the happy couple with the Zibonga URL at no additional charge and they shared it with their guests.

Invitation Sharanya Vijay Wedding Registry

Their guests were more than happy to contribute to their Gift Registry.  Guests who couldn’t attend the wedding were also happy to send their wishes in through Zibonga.

Thank you Sharanya and Vijay for letting us be a part of your special day and for showing other young couples in India how to do the Zibonga!

Create Your Zibonga Registry!

Still not convinced about opening a registry for your wedding? Take a look at this:-

6 reasons to open a Zibonga Gift Registry for your Indian Wedding:

1. You wont receive terrible boxed gifts and duplicates.

Some of the gifts commonly received include tea sets, laughing Buddhas, clocks and watches. Now some of these are great gifts, but most of them end up being utterly useless and duplicates.

2. Cash Funds at 5% and Gift Vouchers for Free

Zibonga let’s couples open up cash funds for honeymoons, interior decoration etc.. on their wishlist and/or add vouchers from our gifting partners. After the wedding, couples can redeem their contributions as cash at a 5% fee or as vouchers at no fee. We offer maximum flexibility throughout the entire process.

3. Your guests know what you want! So there’s no confusion on what to get you.

Have you ever gone for a wedding and had no idea what to gift the couple? We’ve been there too! Enter the gift registry, with the couples wishlist you know exactly what to gift them.

4. Zibonga Gift Registry fits all budgets!

The Zibonga Registry is uniquely designed in that every contribution goes to something larger. The couple ends up using the cumulative amount collected to get exactly what the need. Therefore whether it’s 100 INR or 10,000 INR , every contribution counts!

5. No more Recycled Gifts.

Recycled gifts are the absolute worst. The original recipient of the gifts simply changes the wrapping paper and gifts it to someone else. We all know someone who’s been at the receiving end of recycled gifts!

6. Tried and tested in other countries.

Gift registries have been around for decades in the West. It is seen as the most practical gifting solution. Now back in the day, people used to set up registries in massive retail stores such as Macy’s and Target and guests could simply visit the store and tick off the gifts they’d like to purchase. More recently however , the entire process has moved online and we’d like to think that we can usher in a new age of gifting in India!

Create Your Zibonga Registry!




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