Should it be a watch or should it be the customary 1001/-? Or should it simply be an exotic bouquet wrapped in a fancy wrapper?

Almost all of us have been caught in the gifting conundrum. Every time we receive a wedding invite, we are instantly clouded by a series of thoughts on what to gift the wedding couple and in some cases, what not to gift as well.

Some of us conveniently wrap an antique vase that we’ve never really liked, repack an old clock we got the last time or simply roll a wad of currency notes into an envelope and hand it over to the couple with an awkward handshake.

Most often than not, most of us are indeed stumped on what to gift a couple for their wedding.

So to make things easier for you while making sure you have a meaningful gifting experience we at Zibonga have compiled the best gifting choices for weddings.

#1: Honeymoon Packages and Experiences:

Honeymoon packages have evolved to being much more than a short trip to an exotic locale and a honeymoon suite. It more of an experience that will be cherished for a long time by the couple. So, you can gift not just a holiday or honeymoon package, but the experience as a whole. On the other hand, if you feel that the couple will not be able to travel post their wedding, you can choose to gift the couple an experience like a weekend spa session or a weekend getaway.

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#2: Interiors and Home Improvement:

Newly married couples who are moving into their own homes will absolutely love all the help they could receive to get started. So chic and cozy furniture is a no-brainer!. You can choose from an array of Furniture and interiors to gift the wedding couples. Be it couches, dining tables, cabinets, bookshelves or even a modular kitchen, you could be a part of their home with the piece that your gift.

What’s more! If a group of you and your friends would like to contribute together to you could opt for the group gifting option on Zibonga!

Know more about how to gift your friend’s furniture for their wedding.

#3: Electronics:

Home-electronics products occupy a prime spot in every wedding couple’s wish list. From Microwave Oven, Blenders, Toasters, Rice Cookers, every newlywed couple will require these essential home appliances for their everyday use. You can certainly help your newly-wed friends and family by gifting them the right products. Not simply that, if you are unsure of what exactly your friends would look for, you can suggest the couple create a Zibogna gift registry and publish a wishlist of things they might be looking forward to as the right gifts. That way you can gift cash funds individually or as a group to their registry so they can redeem it on our gift partner sites. They can even choose to withdraw it as cash and spend it any way they want! Simple isn’t it?
Learn more about how a registry for Electronics and Home Tech Products would look like.

#4: Cash

Gifting cash seems to be the most the obvious choice of most wedding guests. Also, cash seems to be a favorite gift for the couples as well. But, given this fact that the couples receive cash in piecemeal basis from several guests, it would be a tad difficult for the couple to streamline the funds. Therefore, to make the cash gifting experience a hassle-free one, guests can encourage wedding couples to make use of cash fund registries. Creating a cash fund registry will not only make the gifting experience more meaningful, but it will also streamline the entire management process.

Know more about how a cash fund registry for weddings work.

Now that you know about the array of gifting choices, let us know about your sense of gifting.

Comment about those gifts that your friends cherished receiving!

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