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All you need to know about setting up your gift registry and redeeming your gifts!

Custom Registries Personalise your registry based on the type of special occasion you’re celebrating. Add your event details. Choose a background image and upload a DP... don't forget a message for your guests!
Wishlist You can choose from our wide selection of gift partners or, opt for a cash fund. You can always edit your wishlist later should you change your mind.
Publish & Share Once your event page and wishlist are ready, hit Publish. Share the link via e-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp... with all your guests. Don’t forget to add the event page url to your invitation card or any other event materials too.
Gift vouchers / EGVs You can redeem your contributions at your selected gift partners through electronic gift vouchers or physical gift cards depending on the partner you choose.
Cash Registries You can also open a Cash Fund of your choice for your honeymoon, home decor, new vehicle, etc. After the event the money will be transferred directly to your bank account.
REALLOCATE Should you change your mind, you can reallocate the contributions you receive to other gift partners, or into a cash fund, after the event date passes.
Validity & Redemptions You have 6 months after the event date passes to redeem your wishlist.